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icloud dns bypass server

In this article i will post all the known methods of iCloud bypass that was made by genius developers that made it works. The DNS methods are nearly the same based on a external or your own server in case to bypass the activation lock screen; by hosting some html files with some functions/applications like “Camera, Music, browser… and more”; Only WIFI was possibly to use then, no cellular network. This methods was working before the last three years, but now this isn’t working anymore; Apple forget to secure the Activation help page by adding an S to http://; this is the flaw that they used to make it possible.



There was another method, and it was the first method to permanently unlock your locked iCloud devices; there was a developers working with Apple – Chinese Apple – and he was offering his service to unlock your iDevices remotely with a small fee; but he was arrested because of this; a lot of people got their iDevices unlocked back then.



Another method was shown this last two years, “Hardware method”; and it’s working; the only problem is that there’s some issue after doing the hardware bypass; let’s explain:

  • For iPads with cellular, after doing the hardware unlock, you can’t use the cellular anymore; but you got an unlocked device at least.


  • For iPhones, still no one confirmed that’s working, we have a lot of video on Youtube with people changing chips on their iPhones that confirm this is working, as we know 90% of the videos are fake, i’m still following the known developers to confirm it.


iphone 6+ board icloud


You can check for some working hardware unlock for iPads and iPhones


I will update this thread if anything new about how to unlock permanently the iCloud activation for iDevices; i’m following some Chinese,Russian and Vietnamese website, who are working on this hardware methods; if anything new I will post it here.


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