iCloud Unlock Activation – New Update 27 August 2017

So a lot of you was able to bypass iCloud activation on their iPhones and iPads; but 80% of you wasn’t.

As we know, the Moroccan guy who provide iCloud unlock activation service hasn’t revealed his name yet; but was able to unlock more then 10,000 iDevices in just one month “August”.


We understand how he makes money using his method, let’s explain it:

You want to unlock your iPhone or iPad and he want to make money from this service. But he won’t charge you any cents!


He managed to help people to bypass iCloud unlock activation for free; but as we said, he got profits from this by letting people complete surveys, approximate $0.5 to $1 per unlock.


Why??!!!   A lot of you, me too of course, scammed by fake services that provide iCloud unlock remotely, by paying $30 to $150, in some countries $150 to pay is too much, the worst thing is there’s no return of service. “Scam & Fake”


So he’s doing this way, so the one who want unlock his iPhone or iPad shouldn’t pay any cents, but after completing a free survey he should be able to get his iDevice unlocked.

In this way, no one should worried about his money.

You can follow the steps below to successfully bypass iCloud activation :

1 – Visit this website : spotifyappletv.com “This is the survey website”

2- Enter anything in the IMEI case since this website is just a survey one.

3- Complete Survey. Tips : Survey sometimes are hard to accomplish if you access trough your computer, i suggest you to access to the website using your smartphones to get an easy survey to accomplish. Type of surveys “Application Download – Pin Submits”

4- After completing, you should be redirected to the contact page, fill the form with the correct information including the correct IMEI of the iPhone or iPad you want to unlock +  Your Email where you will receive information about restoration after the unlock is done.


If not redirected to the contact form page after completing, that’s mean you didn’t complet the survey, try again.


The whole unlock process take average of 30 min to 24 hours, take in mind that the person who will unlock your device is a human too, so anytime he would be online, he proceed all the pending requests.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment here.

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