The Truth About iCloud Bypass


You’ve checked at least 50 websites that provide info or services to bypass iCloud activation screen or to unlock your iDevices; And now you do know that there isn’t such a thing; The only way to unlock your iPhone or iPad remotly is by using Apple server “For the moment” so stop paying on services to unlock icloud activation because they are all scammers.




I was struggling like you before searching to unlock my iPhone, and got scammed for $120 in two services, you can check the SCAM REPORT page for all non trusted websites.


Here’s 2 known methods to unlock iCloud activation but they arn’t just easy:

  • First method is by “Bruteforce” the iCloud E-mail password, of course we need the e-mail locked on the device first, but saddly this method was patched by apple in 2015 and no longer works.


This is the only known method right now that works; I will keep updating this posts if any news related to icloud bypass activation, also don’t forget to check the SCAM REPORT before doing any transaction on another website.

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