Permanent iCloud Activation Unlock Hardware Method?

I will show you how to successfully unlock your iPhones trough hardware method, this is only working on iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S. This is not my own pictures and i didn’t test this method my self, but trying to make it works on an iPhone 6+, i already ordered the needed tools and chips and will post a video about it later.


So what we need is to replace three component, and of course you need some skills in soldering to that; Flash Storage “SN stored” + Baseband Proc + Eeprom IC “IMEI stored”. For the iPhone 6/6+ there’s two more chips to replace.

All three chips must be replaced because they were paired with each other in program,after replacement you just have to restore the iPhone.

NAND Flash (HDD) and Baseband are VERY easy to change. For CPU you need to be carefull when cleaning. If you compare them to A4 reball, this operation is easy,  if you change this 2 ic the imei will change but also you must to change the NAND Flash ic because the IMEI should be match with the serial number so you must change 3 ic bb cpu and bb flash and nand flash, The CPU, Nand and Baseband nor+cpu share the same serial number.


You will need an HDD nand programmer, that’s worth of +200$; There’s two known tools IP BOX 2 and VIP Programmer… But don’t worry i did a little research and bingo, i find a little usb driver that support LGA60/LGA52 chip that cost only $8, you can check the link here aliexpress.


I will let you with the video that show you how to unsolder all the chips.


Video made by DEEP FIX




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