The jailbreak is dead according to the Cydia creator

jailbreak is dead


That’s been long time when truly interesting tweaks for jailbroken iPhone and iPad were on offer every week. We see today, the jailbreak is discreet and it isn’t insignificant: it’s dying.


It’s not me who say it, but Saurik (the creator of Cydia) and other hackers. Motherboard spoke with them and revealed some of their interventions. For Comex (who has proposed jailbreaks in the past, including JailbreakMe), the jailbreak is no longer a reality. “I feel that the jailbreak is almost dead at this point” Nicholas Allegra said.

For his part, Saurik asks a rather simple question: “Why do you jailbreak on arrival? ” Noting that important features have emerged through the jailbreak in the past. “And now you get a small change.” Jay Freeman adds that the jailbreak is a kind of spiral because fewer and fewer users are interested and so there are fewer developers who plan on tweaks. And that says fewer tweaks says fewer users who will be interested in the jailbreak.


Saurik Jay Freeman
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Why is the jailbreak dead or at least dying? For four reasons:

  • Apple keeps increasing the security of iOS, asking hackers to find increasingly complicated vulnerabilities.
  • Hackers can make up to a million dollars by selling their flaws, rather than using them for the jailbreak.
  • Most hackers who had a connection with the jailbreak now have a well-paying job, always linked to security.
  • By jailbreaking his device, security flaws can be exploited by malicious people.


What about you dear readers, what do you think, jailbreak still worst??!

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